About Tiffany Blanton

Tiffany Blanton, a native of South Florida, is a multifaceted individual whose professional endeavors extend into the intricate realms of construction. Beyond her proficiency in overseeing the day-to-day operations of a thriving construction company, Blanton is an accomplished storyteller whose narratives delve into the mystical and enchanting. As a dedicated mother and unwavering advocate for family values, Blanton seamlessly incorporates her roots into the captivating tapestry of her novels.

Her commitment to selflessness and a genuine love for storytelling echoes prominently in her work, exemplified by the enchanting novel, “Demetra’s Curse.” Blanton’s writing encapsulates a resilient spirit, leaving readers intrigued and captivated by the worlds she meticulously constructs. Balancing her responsibilities in construction, family life, and literary pursuits, Tiffany Blanton remains rooted in her South Florida hometown. Her focus on family, tradition, and hard work reflects not only in her novels but also in her enduring connection to her origins. Blanton’s diverse life experiences contribute to the depth and authenticity found in her storytelling, inviting readers into immersive and compelling narratives.