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Demetra's curse

The best fantasy novel you will ever read.

About Tiffany

A South Florida native, Tiffany Blanton, seamlessly balances the complexities of construction and the enchanting realms of storytelling. Rooted in family values and selflessness, her captivating narratives, epitomized in “Demetra’s Curse,” reflect a resilient spirit that leaves readers irresistibly intrigued.

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Demetra's curse

“Demetra’s Curse” – Mystical dreams, adventurous realms, and the rustic allure of Americana converge in Tiffany Blanton’s enchanting and immersive novel.

Discover the Dreams and Realities.

The story shows Demetra’s courage and intelligence through a bizarre dream conflict. Reflective times throughout the story show her complicated personality. Dark existential themes bring intrigue and expectation to Wickets Hollow’s beautiful atmosphere. Demetra’s love of farming and connection to nature help Blanton express America’s homey, rustic beauty.

Read Wickets Hollow in Tiffany Blanton’s “Demetra’s Curse,” a fanciful story. The novel follows farmer’s daughter Demetra Scott as she navigates fiction and Americana in her dreams. Blanton skillfully portrays Demetra’s fortitude and wisdom in Wickets Hollow’s tranquility as the unusual skirmishes escalate.

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